Becky's Riding Tips

Ladies Night Lesson


This is the Clothes Race, a FUN moment during a Ladies Lesson I put together.  We also enjoyed a workout with Janet Melnar, which was designed to target & strengthen areas used to ride.  YOU ARE SURE TO LAUGH, I did! 

Simon Says


Here is a game I created to help facilitate a wonderful learning environment.  Keeping things fun is critical and Confidence blooms with knowledge!  Although Stephanie had trail riding on her mind you'll see she participates without hesitation.

Bareback Equitation


Learning to Barrel Race with Becky

Kids Camp Reviewed


Hear what the kids have to say!

Meredith & Rusty Barrel Run


Rusty had no knowledge of barrel racing when we purchased him.  He's only been hauled to competitions the last few months so it is quite an accomplishment to run 7/10's off the winning time.