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Thank you for visiting my website.  Teaching True Horsemanship is my passion.  A typical lesson may include some of the following exercises: Catch Me Game (swaying involved), Bareback riding in Jockey position, 180º’s or Circle to Safety, some Simon says on Colic signs, feed regiment and confirmation.  From Speed events or Dummy Roping to Ground Driving and Hair swirls, these special techniques I’ve created bring out the best horseman in each of us.  Whether you are 4 years old, an energetic teenager or eager adult, woman or man, you will fit in here.  From a first ride to an achievement of a winning 19 second Pole Run, or do you feel anxiety and lack Rhythm/Feel?  I can help you become a more confidant, effective rider who can say their horse is comfortable within their presence.  Safety is first and foremost.  That being said, my highly personalized approach with the help of valued partners Ace, Cutter, Honey & Guapo or your own personal horse, will provide you a positive and confident atmosphere for your instruction.  Mount up and ride on over for some training tips sure to further your skills and relationship with your horse.


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Until now, I have built my business solely on referral but my excitement and desire to share these fun exciting techniques possibly even publish them encouraged me to have a website. Here is some insight into Becky Hellums:  My expectations are high in all aspects when dealing with horses and I hold myself to this standard.  I am consumed with the desire to be the best Horseman and Instructor.  From speed events and goat tying, working cattle, heeling steers, cleaning stalls, starting and showing Arabians, vet tech, to managing a Thoroughbred race and breeding farm and now teaching for near 20 years in the Houston area, my resume in the horse world is extensive.  During my lifelong commitment to horses, my respect and admiration of them is deep rooted within my soul.  The impact they have made in my life is beyond imaginable and if I can give you a portion of that I’m thrilled.  There is a great deal of emotion involved in what I do, this isn’t a hobby for me, it’s my life.  My expectations on the student’s part are the humility to learn, work hard and give your best. Our responsibility as the leader in the human/horse team means we must step up, be knowledgeable and exude positive energy.  So whether we compete, train or just ride for fun, responsibility and commitment is of the utmost importance. 


Blessings from my barn to yours.  




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